What really makes the Free Wind Alto stand out is that it highlights your personality instead of its own.”

Friso Heidinga, Amsterdam Winds

Friso’s search for the best possible sound is never over. The last couple of years he asked various artists for their opinion on his Alto. Amongst them saxophonists like Dick Oatts, Miguel Zenón, Jaleel Shaw, Chris Potter and of course Candy Dulfer. They all gave feedback at multiple stages of the design. So the Free Wind Alto not only bundles Friso’s knowledge on sound and sax design, its development builds on insights from A-list artists. Read their thoughts below or listen to a performance played on the Free Wind. If you’re as serious about sound as Friso is, you’ll appreciate his craftsmanship.

Candy Dulfer: Free Wind Sax talk

Free Wind Sax talk by Will Vinson

Miguel Zenón on Free Wind, Bimhuis 2012

Chris Potter on Free Wind alto, NSJ 2012

Paul van der Feen, North Sea Jazz 2011

Candy Dulfer: Hey Now ft. Printz Board

Andreas Varady Band ft. Radovan Tariška

Jaleel Shaw on Free Wind, Bimhuis 2011

Miguel Zenón on Free Wind, Bimhuis 2014

Chris Potter:

The first thing that hit me about the new Amsterdam Winds alto is how well it resonates. It really sings! It’s got a big warm sound and plays very well in tune also”

When Chris heard that Friso was designing his own alto saxophone, he offered his advice, and came by the shop to check up on its development. His input shows in some of the later phases of the prototype design.


Miguel Zenón:

Very high quality horn, I encourage all fellow saxophonists to try it”

Miguel did five performances playing our instrument at Bimhuis. The first time he visited the shop to try the alto, he was so taken by the horn that he asked if he could use it for his concert that evening with Jeff Ballard and Lionel Loueke at Bimhuis. He played the Free Wind Alto exclusively during his highly acclaimed performance that night. Listen to a registration of the concert by VPROJazzLive radio.


Jaleel Shaw:

The Amsterdam Free Wind alto is a great instrument that has the feel and depth of an old horn and the intonation and balance of a new horn.”

Right after playing it Jaleel took the horn onstage for his performance with the Roy Haynes Quartet in November 2011.

Benjamin Herman:

It has a really open sound, which I dig!”

The first time Benjamin tried the prototype Free Wind Saxophone happened to be during the shooting of the television show “Vrouw Zoekt Kunst.” He was so enthusiastic that shortly afterwards he used it on his next gig; he also used it in his cover shot for Volkskrant Magazine.