Mad scientist meets sax aficionado? There’s no particular reason for a repairman to go off designing and building his own saxophone. Why would you with quite a few respectable brands around? Thing is, Friso is always on a quest for the best possible sound. So he started playing with the idea of a professional sax that would feature a modern keyboard and action, yet played free and flexible. His thoughts soon sprouted into experiments with different materials, followed by a search for the best possible construction methods. The Free Wind alto saxophone became a true calling.

With all the right raw ingredients in place, we asked well-known tattoo-artist Henk Schiffmacher to create a unique Amsterdam-inspired engraving for the Free Wind Sax. Henk made a spectacular design that is now engraved on a series of limited edition saxophones. Today, after years of dedicated work, our precious is finally here. Read what artists playing the sax have to say about it. Or watch a movie below to get a taste of its sound. A lot of personal care goes into delivering this fine instrument. We’ll be glad to have you over so Friso can tell you all about it. You can contact us here.

Candy Dulfer: Free Wind Sax talk

Free Wind Sax talk by Will Vinson

Miguel Zenón on Free Wind, Bimhuis 2012

Chris Potter on Free Wind alto, NSJ 2012

Paul van der Feen, North Sea Jazz 2011

Candy Dulfer: Hey Now ft. Printz Board

Radovan Tariska and Benito Gonzalez

Jaleel Shaw on Free Wind, Bimhuis 2011

Miguel Zenón on Free Wind, Bimhuis 2014