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The Free Wind Story

Friso Heidinga spent many years repairing some of the finest instruments out there. His own saxophone design would feature a modern keyboard and action that could match only the very best vintage Selmers sound wise...

Unparalleled sound

Without a doubt this instrument has the widest range of sound colours possible. Built around the idea that artists should never be held back by limitations of the instrument, but instead should be able to play and explore freely...

Free Wind Players

Although the Free Wind alto is a young new-born horn, in a short time it has managed to impress a full range of international artists, for instance Candy Dulfer, Will Vinson and Paul van der Feen to name a few...

Finally… a newly built sax that plays like the future and sounds like the past in a very soulful way.

Candy Dulfer

The first thing that hit me about the Free Wind Alto is how well it resonates. It really sings! It’s got a big warm sound and plays very well in tune also.

Chris Potter

Very high quality horn, I encourage all fellow saxophonists to try it.

Miguel Zenón

The Free Wind Alto is a great instrument that has the feel and depth of an old horn and the intonation and balance of a new horn.

Jaleel Shaw
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Friso featured in Dutch newspaper ‘Het Parool’

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Yuri Honing endorses the Heidinga tenor saxophone neck

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Friso featured on Dutch TV Noord Holland