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The Free Wind Alto Saxophone

Creativity, simplicity and clarity characterize Dutch Design. It’s no different for the Free Wind Alto. Although the goal was never to change the looks of the saxophone. Lots of smart design changes are found ‘under the hood’, resulting in an instrument that out rivals many. Three years of research plus feedback from some of the best sax players worldwide make it a truly unique horn. The instrument comes with or without high F#. The sax without high F# will sound a bit more focused and dark, while the high F# one will give you a more open and funky sound. It’s up to you. Every single instrument is made by hand in our Amsterdam workshop, ensuring nothing but top quality.

Highest quality materials & construction

If anything benefits the sound of a horn, Friso can flawlessly pinpoint where adjustment is needed. Taking the highest quality materials available, adding great ergonomics, he really put all his knowledge to use. The Free Wind Alto manages to finely balance range with natural action. Friso’s personal approach, methods and hearing are world-class. Production of one single sax takes a lot of time since this is a handcrafted instrument. Everything from the internal bore to its mechanism has to fit our exacting quality standards. Friso will personally make it for you. It will currently take around eight months before you can get your hands on one.

Refined in every detail

Besides amazing sound, you probably want your sax to look the part too. The Free Wind Alto comes in a unlacquered slightly matt finish. Each saxophone will be hand engraved with a beautiful limited edition Amsterdam engraving designed by Dutch tattoo artist Henk Schiffmacher or a Vintage style beautiful flower engraving. On request a name can be engraved in the bell to personalize your instrument even further. Each Free Wind Alto Saxophone will be delivered in a professional BAM cabin flight case for safe travels.

Free Wind Alto Saxophone — 2020 Model

Price: € 8.167,50 incl 21% VAT,- (EUR 6.750,- excl. 21% VAT)
VAT (Value Added Tax) is only applicable to citizens of the European Union. Shipping is excluded. Shipping rate under warranty will be calculated upon request. Prices are subject to change.
We build the Free Alto saxophone on order. If you are interested in an instrument please contact us through the request button below about the current delivery time. Also let us know if you would like to have special options – like a personalized engraving – or if you have any other special requests.

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Nice to know:

Free Wind Saxophones are our core product. Unlike many others who might run a saxophone shop, trading, selling and repairing all sorts of instruments in many different ranges while selling their own labeled line of instruments, our only goal is to deliver the best handmade saxophones possible.