Heidinga hand-made saxophone necks

Sound production in the body of every saxophone begins with the neck, and as such its importance cannot be overstated.  This is why Friso Heidinga has devoted so much attention to every technical aspect of neck design during the development of his own saxophones.  His philosphy is based on the conviction that the purpose of the neck is to make the instrument play as smoothly and as freely as possible. Instead of applying modern production methods or using external prefab parts, Friso has adopted the traditional method of hand-hammering each neck, thus creating a more consistent and ringing tone. Ultimately, the manufacture of the Heidinga neck including all of its parts demands intensive manual handiwork, and is the product of years of hands-on research-and-development combined with an ongoing working collaboration with top musicians.

In the past 35 years as a touring artist newly made instruments in my opinion never met the quality of the great old instruments. Therefore I have never before endorsed newly made necks or saxophones.
This time it’s different. This superbly handmade neck by Friso Heidinga has surpassed my expectations in every way. Protecting the unique frequenties that a Selmer SBA saxophone produces and at the same time adding way more dynamic range. Being a former Mark VI player for many years I was relieved to discover that the machine gun qualities of a good Mark VI now applies as well for my beloved SBA. I would seriously recommend this Heidinga neck to all professional players in the international field.

Yuri HoningMulti awarded saxophonist and composer

I just love this neck and use it all the time!

Melissa AldanaBlue Note recording artist

The neck's socket fits perfectly!!
I was able to change the neck this neck without a rag. It has better response, intonation, and evenness than old original SBA neck does. I recommend the Heidinga neck for all vintage-horn guys!!

Shota Katsubeuses the Heidinga neck on his Selmer SBA tenor
On saxophones other than the Free Wind saxophone, the Heidinga neck can yield noticeable improvement as well.  For example, Melissa Aldana and Yuri Honing use Heidinga necks on their Selmer Super Balanced Action tenors.  But a new Selmer, Yamaha, Yanigisawa or other instrument can also be significantly upgraded with the addition of a precision hand-made Heidinga neck.
Yuri Honing Heidinga saxophone neck
The neck comes unlacquered, but lacquer, gold- or silver-plating is possible upon request.  Please send an email to specify your particular instrument and any other special requests, along with your location so that a price estimate can be sent to you.
On every saxophone, the tenon is the part that holds the neck in place.  Tenons can be made to fit a Heidinga neck on all instruments of major brands.  A custom measuring tool can be sent for measuring the exact size of your own tenon.


EU price (incl 21% VAT)

Export price (outside EU)

Alto sax neck

Tenor sax neck unlaquered

€ 1560,-

€ 1290,-

Tenor sax neck laquered

€ 1790,-

€ 1480,-

Tenor sax neck silver plated

€ 1890,-

€ 1560,-

One man job

Each Heidinga neck is exclusively precision hand-made and finished by master craftsman, Friso Heidinga.