Heidinga handmade saxophone necks

A neck is of critical importance to the sound of the saxophone. That is why we have paid a lot of attention to neck design during the development of our alto and tenor saxophones. Our philosophy is based on the conviction that the purpose of our necks is to make the instrument play as smoothly and freely as possible. The manufacture of a neck demands intensive manual work, and as such, our necks are the product of years of hands-on research and development combined with close collaboration with top musicians.

I found my dream neck, I love it so much!!
Thank you Friso

Melissa Aldanauses the AW neck on her 45.xxx Selmer SBA tenor

The neck's socket fits perfectly!!
I will be able to change the neck to AW neck without a rag. It has better response, intonation, and evenness than old original one does. I recommend the AW neck for all vintage-horn guys!!

Shota Katsubeuses the AW neck on his Selmer SBA tenor


Jimmy Halperinuses the AW neck on his 80.xxx Selmer Mark VI tenor
On another saxophone, our necks can also yield a significant improvement. Melissa Aldana, for example, uses an Amsterdam Winds neck on her Selmer Super Balanced Action tenor. But also a new Selmer, Yamaha, Yanagisawa or other instrument can be upgraded to the Free Wind sound with the addition of an Amsterdam Winds neck.

We can make tenons to fit an Amsterdam Winds saxophone neck on instruments of all major brands. Regularly the neck comes unlacquered, lacquer, gold- or silver plating is possible on request. Please fill in the form via the order button below to specify your instrument, any special request and your location so we can give you a quote. Also we can send a print for measuring the exact size of your own tenon.

Heidinga Alto Saxophone Neck

Unlaquered – €1.203,95 incl 21% VAT,- (EUR 995,- excl. 21% VAT)
Lacquered – € 1.361,21 incl 21% VAT,- (EUR 1.125,- excl. 21% VAT)

Heidinga Tenor Saxophone Neck

Unlaquered – €1.294,70 incl 21% VAT,- (EUR 1.070,- excl. 21% VAT)
Lacquered – € 1.482,25 incl 21% VAT,- (EUR 1.225,-
 excl. 21% VAT )

VAT (Value Added Tax) is only applicable to citizens of the European Union. Shipping is excluded. Shipping rate under warranty will be calculated upon request. Prices are subject to change.

Nice to know:

Free Wind Saxophones are our core product. Unlike many others who might run a saxophone shop, trading, selling and repairing all sorts of instruments in many different ranges while selling their own labeled line of instruments, our only goal is to deliver the best handmade saxophones possible.