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We are where we are now thanks to the help, business and support of many artists. Over the years quite a few ‘legends’ have set foot in our shop only to trust us with their most important tools. It sometimes felt like being asked to watch over someone’s child, except they expected to pick it up with better manners and in better shape.

With the conception of our very own Free Wind alto and tenor saxophones we feel our work just keeps on getting better and better. Having the sax played by top artists stretches our imagination time after time. All the experience, research and knowledge shows in what we deliver on a day-to-day basis. Some results can be measured by the recommendations we receive. Go ahead, read them out loud. That’s what we did.

Finally… a newly built sax that plays like the future and sounds like the past in a very soulful way

Candy Dulfer
Candy has been testing Friso’s Free Wind alto saxophone prototype for more than a year in the period 2009-2010. At some point she chose to switch to Friso’s alto and put her Selmer Mark VI that she had been playing for years aside. As she stated in a video that we recorded; “Friso, who built this saxophone, is basically crazy… At some point I had to stop him keeping improving the instrument, because he is a perfectionist, just as I am, and I know where this can lead to.. I told him, why do you want to change the saxophone any further, it’s perfect now.”

I just used Friso’s tenor saxophone prototype for an entire 90 minutes outdoor festival gig, and it ‘passed the test' with flying colors! I never once felt the need (or even the inclination) to reach for my beloved, trusted Super Balanced Action. Friso’s horn was a joy to play: powerful, expressive and expansive, yet at the same time focused, balanced and grounded, with remarkable consistency of sound and intonation from bottom to top. I believe Friso is making a world-class instrument, with an exceptionally bright future.

Joshua Redman
In late 2016, Joshua Redman visited the Amsterdam Winds studio to try out our very first tenor saxophone prototype.  After this, Joshua and Friso started an extended collaboration in which Joshua tested every improvement to the prototype, of which five times live in concert, while Friso continued to learn and develop the instrument.

Very high quality horn, I encourage all fellow saxophonists to try it.

Miguel Zenón

Miguel did five live performances over the years playing our Free Wind alto sax. The first time in 2011 he visited the shop to try the alto, he was so taken by the horn that he asked if he could use it for his concert that evening with Jeff Ballard and Lionel Loueke at Bimhuis. After this, Miguel and Friso started an extended collaboration in which Miguel tested every improvement to the prototype.

The first thing that hit me about the new Amsterdam Winds alto is how well it resonates. It really sings! It's got a big warm sound and plays very well in tune also.

Chris Potter

When Chris heard that Friso was designing his own alto saxophone, he offered his advice, and came by the shop to check up on its development. He tried the alto a couple of times and also played a concert on it at the North Sea Jazz festival. His input shows in some of the later phases of the prototype design.

I’ve known Friso for quite some time, he’s a meticulous craftsman and is always striving for excellence beyond what he’s already achieved. This commitment to quality is reflected in his tenor, it’s a beautiful instrument, very free-blowing, rich-sounding, and crafted with great care from bottom to top, check it out!

Chris Potter

As with the alto, Chris offered his help when Friso started building a tenor saxophone. Chris tested the instrument thoroughly and critically various times. He provided Friso with very valuable input, especially regarding tuning and intonation, which enabled Friso to further improve the instrument.

The Amsterdam Free Wind alto is a great instrument that has the feel and depth of an old horn and the intonation and balance of a new horn.

Jaleel Shaw

Right after playing it Jaleel took the horn onstage for his performance with the Roy Haynes Quartet in November 2011.

Thanks for all the great work you guys did on my horns!! Fantastic!!!

Joe Lovano

Friso is a master woodwind technician. His attention to detail is incomparable, and reliable for any professional woodwind player. I recommend him to all who want the best service for their instrument!

Marcus Strickland

I got saxual and clarinetical healing here!

Eddie Daniels

Amsterdam Winds is my home away from home.

Dick Oatts

It has a really open sound, which I dig!

Benjamin Herman

The first time Benjamin tried the prototype Free Wind Saxophone happened to be during the shooting of the television show “Vrouw Zoekt Kunst.” He was so enthusiastic that shortly afterwards he used it on his next gig; he also used it in his cover shot for Volkskrant Magazine.

Friso listens carefully to the sound and is able to adjust the horn towards the desires of the musician. I think he is a real craftsman!

Barend Middelhoff