We do professional tune-ups and repairs. Whether it is a check before your gig or a thorough revision to find the sound your instrument has lost somewhere touring the world, saxual healing can be found right here. Amsterdam Winds knows what demanding musicians need, giving your instrument the care and attention it deserves. Satisfaction guaranteed.


Amsterdam Winds is my home away from home.

Dick Oatts

Thanks for all the great work you guys did on my horns!! Fantastic!!!

Joe Lovano

Friso is a master woodwind technician. His attention to detail is incomparable, and reliable for any professional woodwind player. I recommend him to all who want the best service for their instrument!

Marcus Strickland

I got saxual and clarinetical healing here!

Eddie Daniels

Friso’s approach accumulates in personal attention for every single saxophone. His knowledge and craft will get the best out of any sax. Another positive is his taste for quality coffee. Lovely!

Bart Wirtz

Friso listens carefully to the sound and is able to adjust the horn towards the desires of the musician. I think he is a real craftsman!

Barend Middelhoff

Thanks Friso, the clarinets play and sound amazing. All the best from Schleswig Holstein Festival Orchester.

Timo Tromp

Friso, je bent je gewicht in goud waard!

Arno Stoffelsma1e Klarinettist — Het Gelders Orkest

Friso, je bent een held! Je staat altijd voor me klaar. Mag me gelukkig prijzen met zo’n goede reparateur in Amsterdam! Super.

Bart de Kater

Heb net twee optedens gedaan met mijn gereviseerde sax en ik vind het echt geweldig!! Hij speelt super, loopjes in het hogere register zijn nu zonder moeite te doen, de sound is voller en mengt veel beter en alle kleppen lopen gelijk. Echt een belevenis.

Werner Most

Saxophone revision

When revising a saxophone, we carefully dissect the patient in a way the merest blemish will show up. Fully apart, we remove possible dents in the body, bell or neck. Not just for beauty reasons, a dent can have a huge negative impact on the sound and on how the instrument responds.

After that, the neck, body, and keys get polished to remove obstinate dirt. Giving back it’s sax appeal. Then all parts are washed thoroughly. Followed by re-padding of the keys. For professional instruments we use the highest quality pads with metal resonators. On spots where keys touch the body, cork is attached.

Before the instrument is reassembled, we always check if there is any play between the keys and the posts. Since a key moves in respect to the tone hole, it might not close properly. Play might cause a key to rattle whilst performing. Not exactly the kind op play you’d want. Once we’ve removed all play, we can start to re-build the instrument.

While putting the instrument back together we adjust the spring tension of the keys. Replacing malfunctioning springs makes that all keys will close precisely. The opening, i.e. the distance from the keys to the instrument, is adjusted as well. If the keys are too tight, the instrument will have a dull sound, keys that open too much will cause trouble tuning the instrument.

Finally, the saxophone is checked thoroughly. With a light we double-check if all keys in fact fit perfectly. The instrument is then played to see if all notes are right and to hear if the tuning is proper. Only when everything matches our exacting standards it will get our sign of approval.

Voila, your sax will now feel reborn.